Sheldan Collins
Spontaneous Accomplishments, LLC
Fine Art Translations
       of  the Anima Mundi
A Brief Musing on Art
Within the secret court of imagination a tryst of artistry flourishes when passions are fulfilled through assimilation and translation of visual delights offered by the Soul of the World, Anima Mundi, in whose vital Presence we breathe, and desire, and move.
Whether such delights are witnessed without or within makes no difference in the quality of experience, the subtlety of feeling or the depth of meaning - if one conjures while applying valid cognition where psyche and soma interweave.
Each of my creations - sculptural or photographic - is a retelling of a set of specific appearances of the Anima Mundi, whether occurring in my cellar laboratory or in the world. These appearances seem to arise spontaneously during spells as I wander throughout that secret court into the penumbral sphere between “I” and “Thou.”
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“Aesthetic experience does not end with the initial frisson – the gasp, the shudder, the cringe – at beholding Nature or a work of art. It reverberates throughout the body and psyche, informing and modifying subsequent experience.”

             Valerie Shepherd in conversation, 2007


A form seen from a distance

Is seen clearly by those nearby.

If a mirage were water,

Why is water not seen by those nearby?

The way this world is seen

As real by those afar

Is not so seen by those nearby,

For whom it is empty like a mirage.

          Nagarjuna: Precious Garland (Ratnavali, 52-53)